Medical Communications

I have created and annotated many types of slide decks and other documents for clients in the pharmaceutical industry. Examples include scientific platforms, advisory board summaries, conference reports, training, and competitive analysis. These documents have covered a wide range of therapeutic topics, such as dermatology, allergy/asthma, COPD, influenza, meningococcal disease, arthritis, and oncology.

Please see a slide deck sample.

Medical News Summaries

I write daily medical news summaries for the Univadis service. I have written over 2000 short summaries of the latest research findings in Dermatology, Endocrinology, Stroke, Head/Neck Cancer, Liver Cancer, and Neurodegenerative Disease.

Please see a medical news summary sample.

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Medical Education

I have written needs assessments as the first step in development of medical education programs.

See a sample needs assessment here.

Research Grant Preparation

I have written several successfully funded research grants, including NIH RO1, F32, and SBIR.  

Please see an NIH F32 research proposal description sample.

Please see an NIH RO1 cover letter sample.

Manuscript Editing

I have edited hundreds of research manuscripts on a wide variety of topics for publication in high-profile journals.

Please see an edited abstract sample.